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1. Continue to actively read the memoir that you chose, and complete the open-ended/reflection questions (packet). Keep in mind the characteristics of a memoir. I hope that you are enjoying your choice! Please bring your memoir book with you to class. Have about 3/4 done for 3/24...try!

2. Over the next few days, we will be presenting the "Impact of the Written Word" PowerPts/Prezis that you created. Nice job! Enjoy.

3. See below for the Memoir packet to work on and bring with you over the next week or so...just in case you misplace it.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Analysis of Capote's Diction; Point of View Assessment ICB - fiilm Capote

** Be prepared to work on one of these in class on Monday, Feb.6th. The other can either be a typed up paper, or submitted on your blog. Have one in by Sat., Feb. 11th and the other in by Mon. Feb. 20th. **
1. Vocabulary Choices/Analysis of Capote’s Diction! By now you should have identified at least 10 challenging, unfamiliar words from various parts of ICB (you should have a few from each section). Consider the voice element of diction, and why Capote has chosen certain words that he has…discuss these choices, identify page numbers and context, definitions of each, and personal analysis of the usage of them (consider better choices?) – remember, “words are the writer’s basic tools…they create the color and texture…” (Nancy Dean, Voice Lessons). (50 pts) Works Cited for dictionary used and ICB.

2. Reaction to reading ICB and viewing the film Capote. Your focus is on the point of view – consider the fact that Capote uses third person limited as his point of view for his narrator in his famous non-fiction novel, and with the film we are closer to Capote himself, as a first person point of view experience. Two pages or so, dbl. spaced; at least two textual passages are to be incorporated from the novel, and use an outside source on the film to blend in as well. Be sure to cite your sources; include Works Cited information at the end of the paper. Film info: Capote, Director Bennett Miller, United Artists and Sony Pictures, 2005…the clips we watched are “Answered Prayers” and “The Making of Capote” (50 points)

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