Welcome to our class blog, seniors!! Please visit here to check out some reminders (which will be up top, just below these notes) and then any Posts that you may be required to read, follow, use for reflection, pondering, writing, screaming, laughing, etc...these Posts will be further down. The most current ones will be first - always check the dates. There may be times where I may ask you to visit an older Post.

Remember to always converse with the author - use post-its and take notes -annotate- be active readers! Happy reading and writing.

I hope to have a wonderful last year of high school with you! Fight off that horrid senioritis!

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Happy Spring! March Madness begins...

1. Continue to actively read the memoir that you chose, and complete the open-ended/reflection questions (packet). Keep in mind the characteristics of a memoir. I hope that you are enjoying your choice! Please bring your memoir book with you to class. Have about 3/4 done for 3/24...try!

2. Over the next few days, we will be presenting the "Impact of the Written Word" PowerPts/Prezis that you created. Nice job! Enjoy.

3. See below for the Memoir packet to work on and bring with you over the next week or so...just in case you misplace it.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Choosing a memoir!

Today you decided on what memoir you want to read. Read a good chunk of it over break - about 70 pages or so - and keep the characteristics of a memoir that we discussed in mind. Take note of what captivates you. Enjoy. Be sure to create one post on your blog over break - discuss what work you chose, and how you feel about it.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Your personal reflection on the things that you carry

Continue to work on your personal piece on the things that you carry in your life. Feel free to discuss tangible things as well as intangible, but please do not just list the tangibles. Develop with insight and detailed description - can you measure the weight of each thing? Please type, double space, and hand in by Thursday, Dec. 13th.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

TTTC comments and reminders...:)

Today in class we looked at the collection of stories that deal with Kiowa's death, and the three different perspectives of guilt. Take a look at "Good Form" and think about why O'Brien places this piece here, and what it has to do with responsibility. Who really is to blame for the death of the young man on the trail near the village of My Khe? Who really is to blame for the death of Kiowa? For the deaths of thousands?

Tim holding onto Kiowa's moccasins for twenty years really moved me. I almost did not want Tim to let them go, but I knew that he had to because he felt as though he had gone under with Kiowa, and was finally working his way out. Having his 10 year old daughter with him on his return journey- "Field Trip" - made it very realistic for me. Her questions and comments are so typical of that age.

I really hope that you are enjoying this novel as much as I am! Don't forget to leave me a comment soI know that you have linked up, and be ready to write about the things that you carry in class tomorrow.

Also, if you have not handed in a college or scholarship essay yet, you must by next week - this is a 30 point grade!

Monday, October 8, 2007

12A English - Welcome!

Hello there, sensational seniors! Welcome to our new class blog. Please feel free to visit at any time for updates and information on the latest Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band tour. :) I hope you are as excited as I about our new senior English course! We will experience a variety of readings and will work through each mode of expository writing. Please do not stress about the college essay! We will spend time with it. Let's read and write - let's have insightful conversation with the authors, and let's have fun. Remember what Bruce said a very long time ago: Baby, we were born to run!