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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Impact of Written Works

Mark David Chapman is seen here in the far right of the photo, with the famous John Lennon signing Mark's album - dated December 8, 1980. Little did John know how obsessed Mark was with him - and with Holden Caulfield. Just a few hours after this signing, Mark David Chapman will shoot John Lennon dead. Mark was patiently reading The Catcher in the Rye while he waited for the police to arrive. Chapman said that he first thought of going back to his hotel after the signing, but he had to wait until Lennon came back because "he knew where the ducks went in the winter, and I needed to know this" (wikipedia). After his arrest, Chapman sent notes to various media, stressing how important it was for everyone to read Salinger's novel.

It truly is amazing how much of an impact a novel, or any other written work, can have on the reader. Think of other various examples - from Harry Potter to Twilight to Lord of the Rings...to the Bible...what about songs? What about The Grateful Dead followers? Wow - amazing...think of musicals, plays, speeches (oh, William Wallace - "Will you fight? Run - you'll live...for a little while...")...you name it. You will be writing a comparison/contrast piece, discussing at least four written pieces - you are comparing and contrasting the impact of the written word! One of these pieces must be Catcher, extremely affecting Mark David Chapman. (You can use the movie Chapter 27 as the source, or anything else you find - there are plenty of articles out there). You need to have support for each work you discuss (therefore, you need at least four sources). Have fun - your tone can be humorous, sarcastic, serious...I am sure there is plenty of shocking info/stories out there.

Sources: news articles, journals, etc...try SirS, ProQuest, EBSCO, Facts on File, ABC-CLIO History...YouTube clips, your own interviews with people, your own experiences...Info for Chapter 27: J.P. Schafer, Dir. Chapter 27. Artina Films Production, 2006. Dvd.

Keep note of all source info for internal citations (yes, you must cite your sources within - directly quote or paraphrase) and a Works Cited page. 2 pages typed, dbl. sp., MLA blah blah blah...due sometime over vacation...50 pointers...you may print it up, email me, or post it on your blog! Your choice.

**You must either use the divided (subject-by-subject) pattern OR the alternating (point-by-point) pattern**

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