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Remember to always converse with the author - use post-its and take notes -annotate- be active readers! Happy reading and writing.

I hope to have a wonderful last year of high school with you! Fight off that horrid senioritis!

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Happy Spring! March Madness begins...

1. Continue to actively read the memoir that you chose, and complete the open-ended/reflection questions (packet). Keep in mind the characteristics of a memoir. I hope that you are enjoying your choice! Please bring your memoir book with you to class. Have about 3/4 done for 3/24...try!

2. Over the next few days, we will be presenting the "Impact of the Written Word" PowerPts/Prezis that you created. Nice job! Enjoy.

3. See below for the Memoir packet to work on and bring with you over the next week or so...just in case you misplace it.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

March Memoir Madness!!

Keep on reading the memoir that you chose...I hope you are enjoying it. See below for the open-ended/reflection questions to work on as you read. Bring to class over the next week or so.

The White Room                                                      Name__________________________
Reader's Choice #1: Memoir

“A memoir is how one remembers one’s own life, while an autobiography is history, requiring research, dates, facts double-check” – Gore Vidal (1996)

“Unlike autobiography, which moves in a dutiful line from birth to fame, memoir narrows the lens, focusing on a time in the writer’s life that was unusually vivid, such as childhood or adolescence, or that was framed by war or travel or public service or some other special circumstance” – William Zinsser (1998)

            As you read your memoir, please keep in mind that your final project will be to persuade others to read this memoir through a presentation (PowerPoint, movie trailer, soundtrack, talk show, poster, song and dance)…use the power of persuasion through language and visual means! You might want to use post-its on certain pivotal scenes, or those parts that are powerful and memorable to you (you will have to refer to at least four). You will also be discussing at least three characteristics of a memoir and show how they relate to yours. Consider the author’s purpose, and be ready to justify it with certain text. There will be certain times in class where we will be looking at Voice Elements in your memoirs, so please bring that packet of info with your books to class when asked. Thanks.

   Please complete the following with regard to the book that you chose to read for class. (Feel free to use the back for more room.) Be ready to share and discuss the information and the book at any time over the next couple of weeks. (I will let you know when this info and/or your memoir choice will be needed in class.) This work will be handed in for a classwork grade out of  30 pts.

Book Title:__________________________  Year Published:   ________         
If the author is writing about someone else’s life, give a quick bio of the author here:

1.  How have you enjoyed your reading experience thus far?  Offer support from the book. Have you read the entire book, or part of it?

2. Who is the perfect audience for this? Offer reasons.

3. Offer a brief summary of what you have read so far.

4. What has been the best part so far? Explain, with specific textual examples. (Use Post-its to mark) – write page numbers here…

 5. Have there been any boring parts, or anything bothersome or frustrating to you? Explain. Offer textual examples (use Post-its).

6. Pretend that you are attending a book club meeting - list three discussion questions. Be specific to the reading.

7. Locate 3 - 5 (or more!!) special sections to read aloud. Think about diction, detail, imagery, syntax, tone, etc...Use Post-its... (Comment on this here )
8. Review the list of characteristics of a memoir  - choose two that you feel are most expressed in this book. Explain.

9. Go to the board and sign your name with the book title either under "YAY" - (awesome read!) or "NAY" - (um, not really my thing :( )

10.  An author can have many purposes – other than the telling of this person’s life, list as many as you think your author has. Out of all of them, which is the one that stands out the most? Explain.

11. What is one question that you would have for your author?

12. Vocabulary - Enrich us with some vocabulary from your reading...use Post-its...define...(list a few here)…

13. The Greek philosopher Aristotle labeled three persuasive appeals as logos, pathos, and ethos – logic, emotion, and ethics. If you were to persuade me to read this book, which appeal might you use? Why?

14. Illustrate/Song Connection - Create some type of visual that represents any one part, any character, a scene, an overall impression, idea, theme, etc...you can use this space here, or another piece of paper…OR you can search for a song that relates in theme/character/plot, etc…attach the lyrics and explain. Enjoy!

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